Hawke's Bay

Welcome to the Hawke's Bay branch of NZIIA

The Hawke's Bay branch of the NZIIA provides a neutral platform in Hawke's Bay for presentations on current international affairs.

The Hawke's Bay Branch has been running for nearly 20 years.   It arranges a speaking programme each year that meets irregularly, depending on the availability of speakers, most of whom come from outside Hawke's Bay.  The aim is to get speakers who, because of the positions they hold or the experience they have, are able to convey an informed view on international affairs.   These include foreign ambassadors on post in Wellington, academics, business people, senior officials, journalists, defence staff, and analysts from a wide range of disciplines.

It meets in Havelock North at 2 pm on a Tuesday or a Thursday.   Attendance is open:  ie, it is not necessary to be a paid-up member of the Institute to attend.  A small fee is charged to cover meeting costs.

Registering with the Branch is essential to being put on the database, from which is generated the e-mail messages which give notice of meetings.

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NZIIA membership is open to anyone interested in understanding the importance of global affairs to the political and economic well-being of New Zealand.