Welcome to the Nelson Branch of NZIIA.

The Nelson Branch of the NZIIA was formed by Hugo Judd in or about 2010. Hugo died in May 2017, and since that time the branch has been run by a committee of five. Paul Willis, Oke Blaikie, Richard Griffin, Gay Hervey (Secretary/Treasurer) and Bill Unwin (Chairman). The branch used to meet at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology but since the Covid lockdown in March 2020, meetings now take place at the Nelson Golf Club in Bolt Road, Tahunanui. Meetings commence at 5.30pm and generally take place on the third Thursday of the month but there are exceptions. Membership is currently held at 180.


NZIIA membership is open to anyone interested in understanding the importance of global affairs to the political and economic well-being of New Zealand.