Board changes at NZIIA

Hamish McDougall, Executive Director, New Zealand Institute of International Affairs



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Following the national AGM on 27 April, NZIIA is pleased to announce several Board changes

An election for three national Board places was conducted in the first part of 2023. Following this, at the national AGM on 27 April NZIIA members endorsed the election of the following three nominees to the Board (in alphabetical order):

  • Karim Dickie
  • Suzannah Jessep
  • Dr James Kember

These three join the four incumbent Board members. In addition, David Evans has replaced Raylene Liufalani as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative on the Board.

After the AGM the Board appointed Dr Richard Grant as Chair, and Dr James Kember as Vice Chair until the next AGM in 2024. 

Accordingly, the full NZIIA Board for 2023-24 comprises:

  • Dr Richard Grant (Chair)
  • Dr James Kember (Vice Chair)
  • Karim Dickie
  • David Evans (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade representative)
  • Suzannah Jessep
  • Dr Serena Kelly
  • Luke Qin
  • Andrew Wierzbicki

See here for further details. 


NZIIA membership is open to anyone interested in understanding the importance of global affairs to the political and economic well-being of New Zealand.