Call for chapter proposals for 'Against the Tide: Aotearoa New Zealand in World Affairs Vol. V'

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Editors Hamish McDougall, Mathew Doidge and Serena Kelly invite chapter proposals for the fifth volume of New Zealand in World Affairs, the flagship research publication published by the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs.

The book will be published in collaboration with Te Herenga Waka University Press (THWUP) and is be an edited collection of chapters exploring international affairs relating to New Zealand in the period 2006-2023. The aims of the book are:

  • Make a substantial, landmark contribution to scholarship of international affairs affecting Aotearoa New Zealand over the past two decades.
  • Create applied knowledge that can inform development of policy, norms and ideas in areas such as foreign affairs, trade and economic development, defence and security, environment, and intelligence.
  • Encourage public discussion of international affairs in New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • Enhance NZIIA’s reputation for research of international affairs, acting as a platform for leading and emerging researchers and practitioners.


With a working title of Against the Tide, the book will be a thematic survey of New Zealand’s international relations (broadly conceived) during this period. By looking at a longer period of close to 20 years (2006-2023), it aims to contribute to scholarly knowledge and public discourse in two ways that are not being adequately addressed by recent bodies of work:

  • Providing a primary focus on New Zealand and its external relations, while being cognisant of international, transnational and global events, processes and institutions.
  • Identifying trends, processes, events and effects over time.

The book will feature approximately 10 x 8,000 word chapters. Proposals are welcomed on themes of contributors’ choosing; however, the following list may be appropriate topics:

  • New Zealand and international collaboration on climate change
  • New Zealand and evolving defence and security requirements
  • New Zealand and geopolitical / great power / strategic competition
  • New Zealand and international law
  • New Zealand and international politics of gender
  • New Zealand and economic diplomacy, trade and supply chains [including in the context of global financial crises and economic nationalism].
  • New Zealand, overseas development, aid and human rights.
  • New Zealand’s relations with multilateral and regional institutions
  • Polarisation, faltering social cohesion and mis and dis-information affecting New Zealand and international co-operation
  • The application of indigenous knowledge and Te Ao Māori to foreign and trade policies
  • The effects of COVID-19 and other global health issues on New Zealand’s external relations.
  • The effects of rapid technological change on New Zealand’s international relations

Although the book will be thematic in structure, authors are encouraged to use bilateral, regional and institutional case studies throughout (e.g. New Zealand’s relations with the Pacific, with China, with the US, Europe, ASEAN, multilateral organisations etc)

Contributors are welcome to submit proposals for more than one chapter. Co-authored or single authored proposals are welcomed alike. Established and early career researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines, sectors and backgrounds from New Zealand and overseas are encouraged to apply.

It is suggested that the authors take the following approach to each chapter:

  • 8,000 words written in an academic essay format, with an introduction, body and conclusion and footnoted references, but accessible to a reasonably well-informed non-academic audience.
  • Primary and secondary research and/or practical knowledge gained in a professional environment, linked to the existing academic and public discourse on a given topic.
  • Conveying knowledge of international affairs over time, to allow a longer form analysis of events, trends, processes and effects.
  • Solutions focussed, including suggesting applicable courses of action for decision-makers.
  • Chapters should be accompanied by 500-1k word abstracts to be used for digital communications, via the website and in the New Zealand International Review.
  • The Chicago referencing system with footnotes should be used.
  • Chapter title and one level of short sub headings.

How to apply and next steps

Please submit a short CV and maximum 500-word proposed chapter abstract to by 5pm on 3 May 2024. The abstract should include a proposed chapter title, potential sources, an outline of the chapter and the distinctive contribution it would make to scholarship. The editors will review all proposals and appoint contributors.

Draft chapters are to be submitted by 30 August 2024.

The chapters will then undergo an open peer-review process with an editorial committee made up of experts. Final decisions on content will be made with the Editors in collaboration with chapter authors and the publisher.

Print publication will likely be in the first half of 2025. Authors may be asked to help promote the book, including presenting at public events.


Authors will be paid an honorarium of $800 + GST for each chapter. Half ($400 + GST) will be paid on appointment, with the balance paid upon submission of a satisfactory manuscript within deadline.

Previous volumes

The previous volumes of the series comprise:

  • Roderic Alley (ed.), New Zealand in World Affairs Vol. IV, 1990-2005, published by NZIIA and Victoria University Press, 2007.
  • Bruce Brown (ed.), New Zealand in World Affairs Vol, III, 1972-1990, published by NZIIA and Victoria University Press, 1999.
  • Malcolm McKinnon (ed.), New Zealand in World Affairs Vol II, 1957-1972, published by NZIIA with assistance from the Historical Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, 1991.
  • New Zealand in World Affairs Vol I. 1945-1957, published by Peter Milburn for NZIIA 1977, reprinted 1991.

More information

For further information please contact:

Dr Hamish McDougall
Executive Director, New Zealand Institute of International Affairs


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